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Roux 26


The Roux 26 concept is inspired by R 26, a Parisian salon established in the early 1930’s. For decades, R 26 was a gathering place for renowned artists, musicians, architects, writers, students and people from all walks of life to come together to enjoy good company, good food and good conversation. R 26 was a place for inspiration.

The proprietors of Roux 26 want to create a special gathering place for the diverse community we are a part of here, in Grants Pass. Their desire is to create a comfortable atmosphere for locals and visitors alike to enjoy good company, quality food and be inspired by a setting that is comfortable and welcoming to all.

Our interior is an eclectic mix of settings to satisfy different dining experiences. Materials and design elements were inspired by our locale. From our cowhide prints representing local farms to the vast use of local woods from our Southern Oregon timber industry. Even our table tops have been refurbished, recycling the original wood preserved from this Historic Steam Laundry Building.

Art and music of local artists are also featured, as well as food prepared with local seasonal ingredients. Our goal is to inspire your creative senses and we hope that Roux 26 will be your gathering place. Enjoy!

Located at

234 SW 5th Street
Grants Pass, OR 97526
(541) 507-1234



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